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Dentist owned Dentist led Team Focused

Collective Dentistry at its best!

Dentist owned Dentist led Team Focused

Collective Dentistry at its best!

Dentist Owned, Dentist Led, Team Focused

Our model is a collaborative and supportive work environment owned and led by clinicians.

Private Practice Group

We provide the benefits of a private practice setting, leveraging the resources and support of a larger group, enabling shared best practices and collective decision-making among experienced professionals.

Path to Partnership / Ownership

We offer a clear career trajectory for dentists, guiding their advancement towards partnership or ownership. Our structured plan ensures professional growth and financial investment in the practice, demonstrating our commitment to recognizing and rewarding long-term commitment and excellence.

Collaborative Leadership

Promote open communication and collaboration among leadership and team members, valuing input from all team members to make informed decisions for the practice's benefit. We cultivate a culture centered around shared responsibility and mutual respect.

Full Clinical Autonomy

We empower dentists to exercise their clinical expertise by allowing them the freedom to make decisions tailored to individual patient needs. This reflects our trust in the skills and judgment of the dental team.

Veteran Owned & Operated

As a veteran-owned and operated entity, our commitment revolves around core values such as discipline, leadership, and service.

Compensation Above Industry Average

We acknowledge the value of skilled dental professionals by offering competitive compensation, demonstrating our commitment to attracting and retaining top-tier talent. Recognizing the importance of fair and rewarding remuneration in a competitive industry is integral to our philosophy.

Robust CE Program

We provide comprehensive and ongoing continuing education programs for professional development to keep our teams updated on the latest advancements and techniques in dentistry. We are committed to maintaining high standards of care and encourage continued education that aligns with your interests and reflects your career trajectory.

State of the Art Dental Technology

We invest in cutting-edge dental equipment and technology to enhance patient care, allowing our dental professionals to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and demonstrating our commitment to providing the best possible care through innovation

Modern & Updated Facilities

We create comfortable and contemporary environments for both patients and staff, reflecting our commitment to establishing a positive and professional atmosphere and enhancing overall patient experience and satisfaction.

Clinical Mentorship

Our mentorship programs support professional growth, fostering a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing among peers, reflecting a strong commitment to developing the next generation of dental professionals.

Visa Sponsorship

Welcome international talent by offering sponsorship for work visas and inviting skilled professionals from around the world to contribute to the success of our practices.